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She Waits…

She Waits

A gentle friend softly waits,
in a evening hour lit by stars,
for her dear friend to come
the long day’s journey done.

Watchful ever with tender smiles,
and patient countenance,
warm words of greeting wait on lips
only too joyful to share their kindness.

And when he comes again,
her quiet face will light,
like the perfect flush of beauty
in the sky at break of day.

Their contentment found
in hearts held so gently tender
only glad to be together.
And thus, she waits…



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Alone I Sit

Alone I Sit

Alone I sit…

      amidst the twittering chatter,

                   wondering where you are

  or how you fair,

            as you make your way across the pond.

Alone I sit…

            and miss you

                  with a singular pain,

  the moaning ache

          of a mature love still enflamed.

Alone I sit…

          but not for long,

                 the day will wane

   your business done,

          and across the pond you will come again.

And I will wait as… alone I sit.



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