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On my previous trip to Oklahoma, I was taken by Eric to Woodward Park. The gardens there are extensive and range from formal to informal. While I got many very lovely photographs there. These three are my favorites. I have matted these on double wide white gallery matting with clip frames for a very elegant look.

Cherub Fountain

Hosta Flowers



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I went on a trip to Tulsa OK. Part of that trip was to see the Price Tower and Art Center. This building holds the unique distinction of being the only skyscraper designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. He never lived to see it completed, and only in small ways did it ever achieve his architectural vision. In that it served not only as a place to house businesses, living quarters, but in general a community of people.

The building is beautiful in its play in perspective. Its patina copper panels and beautiful angles are still as unique in the world of architecture today as they were then.


 are some shots I took of it. I shoot with a Canon S2IS.


Price Tower 7Price Tower 6Price Tower 5Price Tower 4Price Tower 1Price Tower 2

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I unpack my bag, after what I can only imagine calling a smooth trip. Nothing was late… lost… or stressed… my bags or myself…


However, when I opened my bag, I found it had been rifled through by our friends at the TSA. I thought that was curious… until Eric peered into the bag and noticed all the things which were in it.



Personal Items

Large matted Photographs

A Meat Cleaver

20 in. Tongs

A Coffee Grinder

Three Large Stainless Steel Bowls (in different sizes)

A Rice Cooker

A Wine Opener

A Meat Thermometer

And God only knows what else….


Eric’s bemused remark at my exclamation of… “Honey… they went through my bag!?” was….. “Ummmm baby…. Look what’s in it…. They probably couldn’t tell what the heck it was! I’ve had them search my bag for less.”


So maybe I should explain the various oddities in my bag. I was cooking a BBQ at my baby’s work. So I needed some things to accomplish that with ease. The coffee grinder was just so I could have coffee the way I like it… I am an addict.


When I told this lil story to my friends at work… they all were completely stumped by the contents of my bag… and all decided to say in chorus “A RICE COOKER!??!?!!?”


(huge amused smile)


To be continued…

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The Journey Home Had a sweet conversation with Dad on the way to the air porter. Talked about Eric’s epilepsy and where he lives. I promised to call when I land in Houston 

Woke Eric up this morning. I missed him and wanted to hear the sound of his voice. His kisses came into my remembrance this morning, and made me miss him more. Thank God I am going home. Told Eric I would call when I get to Houston to get my directions from the airport to Silvertree. 

Funny things I noticed…. 

Sat on the airport drive and had a smoke or six… Had a man come up to me and ask me for a smoke… I gave him two. He was holding on to his hair, which he had gathered into a small ponytail at the top of his head. He asked me if I had any money to spare for him to have food. I told him no. Which was the truth; I brought almost no money with me in cash. But I told him I wished I had a hair pretty for him since he was smoking and still holding onto his topknot. He looked at me with a little bit of interest and said “I have one! Would you help me put it in???” I said sure!” I proceeded to help him fix his hair, my own smoke hanging out my mouth, while he handed me the hair pretty. I thought about what a strange situation it was, to be touching someone else’s hair. How such an intimate thing as fixing someone’s hair could be asked of a stranger. But I try to be a good sport about things, plus I have a terrible time with the word no. I have no doubt that someone else would have told him no. But I think he could tell I was a good sport…. After all… I gave him two smokes. (smile) 

The entrance to the TSA checkpoint… It occurred to me that it looks like a labyrinth. And like the labyrinths I have traveled before with others, there is a quiet passing of each others presence, as we passed back and fourth as we wound our way through the journey. 

In the TSA labyrinth… There is a woman who surveys the travelers in the winding labyrinth. Over and over she journeys the path. In amusement, I remarked to another traveler that if they thought they hated the TSA Labyrinth; imagine being the woman to be stuck in the perpetual loop of walking it day in and day out. 

Babbling water fountains… Honestly, I thought it was broken…. I saw a water fountain. It was unbelievably noisy. Then I realized it was simply a water fountain that made noises like a babbling brook. It made me think of how foreign to the city a sound so natural to my ear must be. How sad it was that in the city an artificial noise was how they met the need for that sound; and how out of harmony it must be to live in a place where such things are canned. 

I am in the air now… There’s a beautiful baby in front of me. And as we were gaining altitude, I saw a gorgeous view of the moon in a bright sunlit sky. 

To be continued…

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