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Had a wonderful 4th of July. I took photographs and had more than a little fun playing with the exposure and aperture. I thought I would share these beauties…

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On my previous trip to Oklahoma, I was taken by Eric to Woodward Park. The gardens there are extensive and range from formal to informal. While I got many very lovely photographs there. These three are my favorites. I have matted these on double wide white gallery matting with clip frames for a very elegant look.

Cherub Fountain

Hosta Flowers


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More photos I have taken from the Pacific Rim Bonsai Collection in Federal Way, Washington.

Amy Liang - Japanese Black PinePinus ParvifloraJohn Naka - PrunusTrident MapleSatsuki AzaleaSatsuki AzaleaPear

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Bonsai Photographs

Additional examples of bonsai photography in natural lighting situations.

Ohia LehuaKorean YewJapanese MapleJapanese Maple (Saikei)Japanese Black PineHinoki CypressMountain Hemlock

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I have found in my short time behind the lens, that the best lighting for bonsai photography… is NATURAL.

Warm afternoon glows can’t be substituted for. The feeling of life and richness that afternoon light gives, makes up for the only lack that some may declare… loss of detail.

Bounced light, and controlled conditions do make for some lovely photography. Trees certainly can look spectacular in a more formal set up.

But bonsai is an art of illusion to begin with. It’s not what one would call a “up-close sport”. It’s character and mystique is best enjoyed when the mind is taken off to a far away place by the image presented. Warm glows and shadows, create a striking contrast, and work their surprising magic beautifully in the 2 dimensional presentation of the art in photography.

The photos are a series of shots I did from the Pacific Rim Bonsai Collection, in Federal Way, Washington. All of these shots were taken between 12-4pm. I shoot with a Canon S2IS.

Vaughn Banting - Bald CypressAmy Liang - JuniperJohn Naka - Creeping JuniperNick Lenz - Eastern American LarchJuniperus ChinesisJohn Naka - Oriental SweetgumJuniperus Chinesis

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I went on a trip to Tulsa OK. Part of that trip was to see the Price Tower and Art Center. This building holds the unique distinction of being the only skyscraper designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. He never lived to see it completed, and only in small ways did it ever achieve his architectural vision. In that it served not only as a place to house businesses, living quarters, but in general a community of people.

The building is beautiful in its play in perspective. Its patina copper panels and beautiful angles are still as unique in the world of architecture today as they were then.


 are some shots I took of it. I shoot with a Canon S2IS.


Price Tower 7Price Tower 6Price Tower 5Price Tower 4Price Tower 1Price Tower 2

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