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There is something so beautiful to be found in language, it is the means by which we convey our thoughts, and our feelings, to others. Especially in this place… the internet. What we write, and how it is written is all someone will have to gain a glimpse of who we really are. We define ourselves by the expression of the language we use. How you craft a phrase, and the thought you put into it, is that action which speaks louder than the words themselves in this medium.

I have always enjoyed using language like an artist uses a paint brush. I paint with words the intentions of my heart. I was once told that my “use of five dollar words” made others feel inferior. This idea actually distressed me, because in fact the words I use, and the manner in which they are organized, are always intended to honor the hearer/reader. I was told, for all intrinsic purposes, to dumb down my verbiage. I never managed it… it would have been tantamount to taking away from me my ability to speak.

But it showed me how deeply the use of elegant language has fallen from wide acceptance. It is seen as an attempt to “show off” to put it simply, or “self aggrandize” to put it not so simply. Nothing could be further from the truth, at least for my self. There are those who would abuse language. Because the pen is mightier than the sword, and with such power the hearts of men can be swayed, even held captive. A sword can always take a life, but it never changes convictions.

Elocution is the art of expression. It is something to be enjoyed, even explored. It is not accomplished without effort. I would challenge you… the next time you are writing/speaking about something that is significant to you… think it though… let the words you use, be the indicator of your passion… even if it means grabbing a thesaurus. Honor the person whom you are communicating with, by making your expression a feast for the mind. You will be amazed at how deeply you can touch another’s life by the way you take an ordinary thought, and make it beautiful by the use of words that convey complex and subtle meanings.

Many people spend hours grooming their person… building or decorating beautiful homes… fixing up their cars… choosing the exact outfit to wear. All of these things, and many others, are done in an effort to show who they perceive themselves to be… how they want to be seen… what circles they want to be accepted into. The total absence of all effort to these or other areas, still establishes the same exact parameters. But once you have established your self image, and been accepted into the circles you wish, how you will be placed within that group will be determined not only by what you do, but what you say… and how you say it.

Because in the end…. “Out of the abundance of the heart… the mouth speaks.”



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