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I am never far from it. The sea she calls to me with a sirens song I wouldn’t resist if I could. There is something so perfect, so centering, within it for me. The steady rhythm and crash of waves carry me home every time I am near it. 

When I was a little child my father, who embraced the traditions of the island he was not born to, took me to the sea and gave me into her care. He put his little girl into the sea and asked her to watch over me, to protect me when I touched her waters.

The sea has been faithful to me. In times of joy or sorrow, she is the comfort that always pierces through any emotion, though most especially through times of sorrow. There have been times when in distress, I will find that I have taken myself to the sea. In the course of time, I find that wellspring of peace that always resides within me… and its song is the pounding of waves on the shore, the wind wrapping itself around me, and the feel of sand under my feet. 

I’ll sit… and whisper to the sea all the things within my heart… and I am well. 

I didn’t know about being dedicated as a child until I was well into my adulthood. It made so many things make sense for me. If I am not near the sea, even the calm smooth reflections off a glassy lake will reach within me with the same power. Even the rush and tumble of a river seeking its path, will show me inroads to my own heart.

When I was younger and in my Fire Dept days, we would often go to a small lake after drill to drink and swim, and live life to its fullest expression of friendship and happiness. So many times because of my love of the lake, I would stop and make sure I bought a rose… I’d swim out to the middle of the lake, and leave my rose as an offering to the lady of the lake. I cannot touch a body of water without whispering a small homage of thanks and love. 

The sea is faithful to her own, a gift given into her care from the time I could touch her waters… and it is no strange thing to me that her sisters, the lakes and streams that surround me, would not know me for what I am… a child of the sea.


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She Waits…

She Waits

A gentle friend softly waits,
in a evening hour lit by stars,
for her dear friend to come
the long day’s journey done.

Watchful ever with tender smiles,
and patient countenance,
warm words of greeting wait on lips
only too joyful to share their kindness.

And when he comes again,
her quiet face will light,
like the perfect flush of beauty
in the sky at break of day.

Their contentment found
in hearts held so gently tender
only glad to be together.
And thus, she waits…


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On my previous trip to Oklahoma, I was taken by Eric to Woodward Park. The gardens there are extensive and range from formal to informal. While I got many very lovely photographs there. These three are my favorites. I have matted these on double wide white gallery matting with clip frames for a very elegant look.

Cherub Fountain

Hosta Flowers


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More photos I have taken from the Pacific Rim Bonsai Collection in Federal Way, Washington.

Amy Liang - Japanese Black PinePinus ParvifloraJohn Naka - PrunusTrident MapleSatsuki AzaleaSatsuki AzaleaPear

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Bonsai Photographs

Additional examples of bonsai photography in natural lighting situations.

Ohia LehuaKorean YewJapanese MapleJapanese Maple (Saikei)Japanese Black PineHinoki CypressMountain Hemlock

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I have found in my short time behind the lens, that the best lighting for bonsai photography… is NATURAL.

Warm afternoon glows can’t be substituted for. The feeling of life and richness that afternoon light gives, makes up for the only lack that some may declare… loss of detail.

Bounced light, and controlled conditions do make for some lovely photography. Trees certainly can look spectacular in a more formal set up.

But bonsai is an art of illusion to begin with. It’s not what one would call a “up-close sport”. It’s character and mystique is best enjoyed when the mind is taken off to a far away place by the image presented. Warm glows and shadows, create a striking contrast, and work their surprising magic beautifully in the 2 dimensional presentation of the art in photography.

The photos are a series of shots I did from the Pacific Rim Bonsai Collection, in Federal Way, Washington. All of these shots were taken between 12-4pm. I shoot with a Canon S2IS.

Vaughn Banting - Bald CypressAmy Liang - JuniperJohn Naka - Creeping JuniperNick Lenz - Eastern American LarchJuniperus ChinesisJohn Naka - Oriental SweetgumJuniperus Chinesis

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Alone I Sit

Alone I Sit

Alone I sit…

      amidst the twittering chatter,

                   wondering where you are

  or how you fair,

            as you make your way across the pond.

Alone I sit…

            and miss you

                  with a singular pain,

  the moaning ache

          of a mature love still enflamed.

Alone I sit…

          but not for long,

                 the day will wane

   your business done,

          and across the pond you will come again.

And I will wait as… alone I sit.



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